The Penguin Mafia
Current Events: Noblesse Oblige's hardcore ascension contest.  Suspects the leaders are banking turns for the upcoming muscle days; they're all on their Seal Clubber runs.  Congratulations to jonbly for his one-day ascension, and to Mr Bill for his 2-day oxy, boozetafarian, and teetotaler ascensions.  Darkeagle is almost finished with his speed runs.  
History Lesson: Black Sunday.  The Penguins at the Peak.  Yeti protests.  Uncle P's.  Council v. Mafia.  The raffles.  The Penguins' change in demeanor.  Protection contracts.  Penguin hits.  The Cannon fund.  Yeti breeding.  The time crash, and the return of Uncle P's.  The cannon wreckage is being dismantled.  What's next?
State of the Kingdom
Sunday, May 7, 2006