Wombatilim's Playlist

Hello, and welcome to Wombatilim's playlist! Here you will find the majority of the music you will ever hear on Wombatilim's show. This list is, of course, ever-expanding as Wombatilim acquires more and more music. Since she does not take emailed song requests, this list is provided for your convenience.

To make a request, say somthing in /radio chat, send Wombatilim a /msg in game, a kmail, brick, twitter... whatever you can to get her attention. She may or may not accommodate your request, depending on whether she thinks it's a good idea at the time, but assuming it's on this list, she will usually try to fit it in.

Click on "name," "album," or "artist" to sort by song name, album, or artist, respectively.

Care to narrow down your search?

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