I am woman. I am bisexual. I am agnostic.

These words describe me but they do not define me. I am more than all of that. I am me.

There is no end to the words I could use to help you understand me, yet at the end of it you would still not know me completely. No one knows me completely, not even me.

If you know someone completely they are too shallow to be worth knowing.

I am paradox. I am enigma.

I am happy. I am crying. I am dying. I am alive.

I am changing, emerging, evolving. I am becoming Myself.

Never will my words do me justice.

I am real. I am imagined. You are real. I have imagined you.

Everything real is something I have imagined.

Nothing is real.

I am a Taurus sun, Libra rising, Sagitarius moon.

I am also an Earth Horse.

I have always lived in California.

I am gothic because it suits me, not the other way around.

The same goes for any other label I happen to fit.

I have never been Christian. I was raised as an apathetic agnostic, and have become more inquisitive as time goes on.

The only thing I believe is that the metaphysical can be neither proven nor disproven. Everything else is merely a theory.

I have some rather interesting theories, that evolve over time as I evolve myself and experience new things.

I strive to see the world from as many different points of view as I can.

An alternate perspective is a precious gift.

I am so very interested in perspective.

I challenge my reality tunnel as often as I can.

Prayer and ritual are tools to achieve change. I prefer the direct approach.

I am tattooed and pierced. I want more.

I do not feel pain as much as most people.

I don't think in English.

I don't think in any other language either.

I do think. A lot.

Trying to put words to most of my thoughts is like trying to describe how a color smells.

I have discovered that my primary languages are emotion and music.

I follow my intuition but I am capable of using logic.

I am a logical artist.

I don't know that I use both sides of my brain equally but I can if I want to.

I do not like people as a whole.

I do like people as individuals.

I find it difficult to make friends, and more difficult to stay in contact with them, but I care deeply about the friends I do have.

I would rather have a small group of friends I can trust than a large group that I can't.

I was a math major in college.

I didn't go to college for very long and haven't had any desire to think about math that much ever since.

I enjoyed math in Jr High and high school. I had good teachers.

I want to go into psychology but I'm not ready to go back to school yet.

I have a strong instinct to heal the mind and spirit. I leave healing of the body to others.

I enjoy helping others.

I read people well.

I have had a lot more life experiences than most people my age.

I have two ears and one mouth and strive to use them in that ratio.

That means I'm a good listener.

Listening is not the same thing as hearing.

I usually hear what people are thinking, not what they are saying.

I read between the lines.

I feel auras but I cannot see them.

I have eclectic tastes in music.

I have eclectic tastes in everything else, for that matter.

I feel that I have an excellent sense of aesthetics.

I did not do well through most of my school career, yet I am very intelligent.

I tend to gravitate towards other intelligent people who did not do well in school.

I am not a perfectionist, just very close.

I like things that make me think.

I have learned that I need to take care of myself first or I will not be able to take care of others. This sometimes comes across as selfish but usually only when I am in pain.

I am too good at hiding pain, especially from myself.

I believe in change.

I am changing.

I will not lie to save anyone's ass, including my own.

I don't care what people think of me. If you have a problem with me, it is your problem and not mine.

I have enough stress in my life without worrying about other people's problems.

I do what occurs to me. I don't care whether it's the same or different from what is considered "normal."

I am an individual, just like everyone else.

I am unique.