feb 05 1998
end of the world as i know it

I decided not to decide, at least until I know for sure whether Alex got the job. Something Meghan & I both thought of was maybe I spend a month here with Meghan and then a month in Cleveland with Alex, and so on and so forth. But that would make keeping a therapist difficult. So I don' know.

Dropped in on my 3rd grade teacher yesterday. Was out w/ Meghan getting a few things squared away like her SSI and my Social Security card and her Dr appointment and stuff. She teaches 6th grade now but was glad to see me. i dont' think I've dropped by in a couple years, though when I was still in school I'd go every once in a while. Need to go see my HS psych teacher sometime still; haven't stopped by there since I graduated. Sometime bfore I move to Cleveland, preferably. He'd get a kick out of seeing me again.

bleh, life is a little easer when I refuse to acknowlege its existance. Mayve i should just ignore all my surroundings. though that might get me fired; I'm close enough to it already. alex got a raise by $1/hour, and I probably didn't get anything, or at least the haven't told me yet. have i mentioned that i've been here only 2 weeks less than him and now I'm making $1.25/hour less? and that dollar makes a big difference when you're only making 7 or 8. We're really underpaid.

it really stinks. You'd think this would pay better than a fast food job but it doesn't. when I started at my last job, a fast food job, i made $4.65, which was a nice 40 over minimum wag. When i was fired 6 months later i was making $5/hour. Hired here, $5/hour. few months later 5.50 then 6.05 (whem most people got 6.50) then 6.75 when most got 7. *sigh* women are underpaid. Ive been here 2 years almost and increased 1.75 an hour. And I still make only 1.50 more than min wage now, soon to be $1 more because it's going up again. Hardly any better than when I started, which I was 75 over.

i really hate this job.


Oh, and I started smoking cloves. They taste good. alex is kinda mad but figures he can't stop me. Meghan doesn't mind at all cuz she likes them too and they smell better than cigarettes anyway.

Just another way that i'm being kinda young i guess.

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