feb 07 1998
talking trash


I just don't knwo what I want. i missed our anniversaryo f ourengagement,. i want it all.. I want togo to Cleveland and I want tos tay here. I want to have the freedom of being on my own and I want the comfort of not ... no, of having extra money.

i just don't know

it's so haerd for me to figure out

I dkon't want to have to make this decision. I sdhouldn't haveto make this decision,. i don't know

the thinkg is that it's impossible to have everything. I couldn't have the comfort possibility without cleveland. i couldn't have them happiness without meghan.

and i hacte changing the names cuz i always forget.

it's just too overwhelming. i don't know what the hell to do, and i know that no matter what Ido i won't... can't be happy.

why the hell does life have to accompan y the best news of your life with the hardest dcecision of your klife?

i just don't know. i don't i don't i don't i don't id on't i justdont'

what the hell do i do?

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