may 10
zabba dabba doo

it's times like these that I really wiseh I had someone to talk to. Or actually I wish I didn't live in a sudio apartment with my girlfriend. I love her dearly but I need some time away from her talking to someone else right now. I even have the someone else to talk to but I can't call because I live in a studio apartment with my girlfriend. I jsut need to alleviate some of this emotionlessness. I want to talk to him... on the phone, in person, online, however possible. But he's not online and I can't call. I'm not in the condition to drive right now either; too uptight.

Finally on my period for the first time since october. It's too light for that. I have to wonder why it's been so .longh since my last one. Though I just now came up wit ha theory: stress. Normally they're every 2 or 3 months when I'm not on the pill but during that time is when things with steve and nicki were most stressful. so maybe my body stopped that particular activity for a while. It's going now, anyway, and hthe touchiness that goes with it so i'm really easily triggered right now hence the need to talk to tim. Too light though. ii'm still worried. but I started the pills again so maybe it'll get better.

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