jun 9

listening to Ani DiFranco

I like this cd.

Well, nicki and i broke up. Tim and gina and I are doing well, however. I'm over at their apartment almost every night. I enjoy my time there, and they enjoy time with me. So it's cool.

I got my honda back. Smogged, insured, and registered. There's a hose that's rotted out but that's getting fixed right now. Theoretically, anyway. So that's going well.

I've got a crush on someone else from the poly list who very obviously has a crush on Tim. This is an intriguing situation. :) I'd like to have him as a fourth, though Gina hasn't talked to him enough to know whether she likes him more than just friends and Tim doesn't know either. They both like him at least as a friend, and he likes all of us better than anyone else in the poly group. He called us the Nature Clan in an email to the list. :) Also, he hardly touches anyone in the group except the three of us and he's publicly frenched tim.

I had a dream where tim, gina, sam, and I were all married. I was legally married to sam but we were all spiritually married to each other.

Doesn't feel like it'll happen but a girl can dream, can't she?

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