jul 28

I've found my rage. It's kind of weird. I also figured out when I lost it in the first place. That was back in Jr. High. I was something of a bully in the seventh grade. Just that one year. Since then I've been the most peaceful person you'll ever meet. But now I've found my rage again. It's nice, really. I'm able to channel it into something productive, rather than something detrimental. I'm using it to go out jogging and learn a little in the way of self-defense. Practicing my punches brings a lot of it out, but then so do other things. Of course, now my reaction to triggers isn't to curl up and cry, it's to want to go hit things. I even had the urge to go to a firing range not too long ago. I didn't go, but I had the urge. I went and beat up Tim and Gina's heavy bag instead. That thing makes for a good release.

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