aug 11
doo-dah doodad

The phone rang at about 10 o'clock. Last night, not this morning; it's only 5am yet.

My gawd I'm up early... just couldn't sleep anymore. I might try sleep again when I'm done with this but I don't know. I've got my alarm set for 7; that's only 2 hours off.

Anyway, the phone rang at 10pm and I knew two things immediately: First, it was Tim on the other end of the line (no one else would call that late, I don't think, not even my mom). Second, he was calling to tell me that Gina had given the go-ahead on the triad (no other reason I could think of for the call, and if she'd decided not to, they would have told me in person). Correct on both counts. As can be guessed, I'm quite the happy camper. And I've got a great feeling about the interview this morning.

In other news, I'm slowly finding out that my dad isn't the great guy I've always known him to be. Sure, he was a great father, but I'm starting to see that he was a lousy husband. Apparently, he cheated on my mom and lusted after my older sister. These are things that I probably shouldn't know at this moment, but I do, so let's leave it at that. I'm a touch confused by all of this. Of course, now I know where my brother got the behavior. So I need to sort this mess out, though I doubt I'll be on as friendly terms with my dad as I used to be.

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