aug 20
meds? what meds?

I took myself off my meds. i finally decided the emotional void wasn't worth the comfort of a mostly depression-free life. Hell, I spent a long time using my depression to write rather moving poetry. Why should things be different now? I think that if I have that drive again I'll be much happoer in gneral. Kind of an odd concept if you think about it, but what the ehll.

Speaking of hell, guess what songh I'm listening to.

Anyway, last night in a fit of boredom I started a mailing list for when I add entries like this one. So feel free to sign up if you find my life interesting enough to get told when something new happens that I actually write about.

I did some massive job hunting yesterday. I took a trip to the list and went through the providers to the 916 area code and tried to find which ones were actually based here. Very few are, but I found a handful and I only made it up to C. Sent out nine resumes, all told, though I cheated a little and sent some to ISPs I know are local but didn't have names that start with a-c. I figure that a job with an internet provider is my best shot at employment, since I have two years of tech support on my reume and just as much web design. It occurred to me that I'd probably be doing pretty well financially if SurfSpinner didn't go out of business, because I could be selling web space for them, but they did so I can't. I'd try to start my own company but then sales arten't my strong suit. Mom's talking about getting a computer and cohosting it with some ISP or another and then having me on as the web designer; I'd keep all of what I earn exceot a little to go to the cost of the cohosting. Not a bad idea if it'll work out, so i'll see how that goes.

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