nov 17

I tried this yesterday but Tripod puked on me so today I'm downloading it to a shell account to edit the pages and then I'll upload them again.

Maybe I should start keeping a password-protected backup on the shell account... that's not such a bad idea. I think I'll do that.

I can make nice scripts that way too. :)


Stuff has been changing. Jon & I are getting close... a little too close for Jen's comfort. we're at the point where we aren't quite in love... but we're close. He's still stuck on her in a few ways... but I think we're breaking through. We being me and at least one of his other friends who has been telling him all along the same things I've been telling him... that Jen is just fucking with him and he needs to get out.

We have our feelings out now... we each know where the other stands. and I'm there. Jen isn't. and I guess she has stuff coming up so he won't be talking to her as much... which I think is the best thing in the world for him.

He's a wonderful person to talk to until he's been talking to her for 15 minutes... then he gets all down on himself.

He doesn't see the pattern though.

But I think he's breaking it.

I hope...

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