dec 14
time flies

Saw Star Trek Insurrection Last night. Good miovie. Very funny. I highly reccommned it. Then againi I like most of the ST movies even the ones that most people didn't like so who knows. I have all 8 on video and I'll have #9 as soon as it's out.

Anyway something in the movie about an entire universe being in one moment and it's like so true... there are moments that just never end and you live your whole life in them. And you remember them forever.

I had one of those nights and it was just wonderful... it's a snapshot in my mind. the music was going, it was Loreena McKinnet, and I was in that purple nightie and the oil lamps were lit and the incense had been going but had burnt out by then and we were in bed and I was leaning over jon looking into his eyes. I will never forget that view. I lived my whole life in that moment. And I fell in love all over again.

We need some pictures of us together. What we have is too good to not have pictures of us.

Love is just an amazing emotion. And to feel it flow so freely through us both... it's so powerful. So wonderful. So safe. So comforting.

We've been having some pretty deep conversations lately. He's joked about running off to Reno to get married so many times I don't think it's a joke anymore. We want to be together all the time... it's hard to get out of bed in the morning just because we're so comfortable in each other's arms. It all feels so right. There have been no red flags since he told Jen to give up on him. We were having a conversation tonight about what the wedding should be like... even though neither of us has said "lets get married" and meant it yet we're both talking like it's going to happen eventually. And we both want to wait about the same legnth of time (though admittedly for different reasons) before we do anything of the sort... but he's made it fairly clear that he wants me to move in with him. I was planning on getting my own place come January but right now, with the amount of time I"m at his house, i really don't see the point... why should I put that much money into a place when I'm never going to be there?

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