jan 3
hippo gnu deer

'Scuse me if this is a little forced; I'm at work typing between instructions. But I got stuff to tell so I'll do my best.

Kind of funny how people don't know what to do when you say "Type whatever you want" but they're perfectly happy to follow directions when you tell thetm what to type...

Life is good. I was sick on new year's eve for the second year in a row but I had fun anyway. Jon and I are more compatable than anyone I've ever known. I'm just so happy... it's just strange that I found someone like this. I knew him years ago and I think we both knew subconsciously that something was meant to happen but we weren't ready yet. And then when we met again years later there was such electricity... and we're both feeling it. I'm just so happy to be where I am right now.

Christmas and New Years... They were both wonderful. I spent them, of course, both with Jon. I worked Christmas Eve but got to go home early since it was just DEAD at work. Then we opened presents that night... I guess we figured why wait. :) That was the best christmas eve I'd EVER had... just so wonderful sitting in his arms and drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace. Christmas Day we went to my sister's house and he got along quite well with my family, and then on the day after we went to his mom's and I got along just as well with his. His neices and nephew took right to calling me "Aunt Sierra"... not something I asked of them; they just picked up on it. I didn't mind. :)

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