feb 23

I'm in a kickass mood today... Received word that I was one of two people selected (of ten) to be moved to the level 2 department. This is depending on two people currently in the level 2 department accepting promotions to Network operations... but it looks very likely. So despite calls of "Turncoat!" I'm in a great mood today. :)

It actually surprised me a bit that I was selected. I knew I did well on the interview but of the 10 applicants I had the least seniority. I know it wasn't based on senority, but I also know that most of the other applicants are extremely capable as well. Or maybe it's just the insecurity speaking... but at any rate I got the position so that's a Good Thing. :)

I'm in my happy place. Life is just flying along.

Going to Linux World next week. Going to have a blast. Jon and I are going down for the 2nd and 3rd and we're taking Keth with us. Don't know where we're staying yet, maybe in a hotel or motel, maybe with someone else from the UFies list. it's going to be FUN. It'll be great to actually go somewhere for a change.

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