mar 6
coal mine

Enjoying the new job. Far more laid back than the other position. Fewer calls, less stupid people (or at least fewer stupid user errors). Learning a bit more about running servers on NT. Don't have unix access yet, which rather bites, but at least I can still do some scripts on the unix stuff and can work on the NT servers. And reconfirming that NT is a lousy operating system.

Went to Linux World for a couple of days this week. Had quite a bit of fun. Met Eric Raymond (if you don't know who that is, then don't worry about it); he's a cool guy. Also hung out for a few hours with the author of User Friendly, who is also a lot of fun. Met some other people who were fun to spend time with. Generally had a blast. Got a picture taken in front of the Netscape Fountain with Jon. Gotta let the geekiness shine. :)

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