mar 17

I'm playing with dreaeef his entry. Don't know how well I'll like it. Already has one major issue: it's slow. As you may beble to tell from the fact that "dreamweaver with" came out as "dreaeef" and "be able" came out as "beble."

Though on the plus s tdial cuts down on my coding. (That was "plus side it definately cuts" since I seem to yefaster than it can think.)


type faster than it can think.

/me quits netscape and hopes for an improvement. Yeah, a bit better, and closing the source helps too though that's part of the reason I'm using it to begin with. I'll admit the template thing is very nice to have, though. :)

Otherwise, things are going ell. Got the pictures back from Linux World. Unfortunately none of the ones from Linux Torvald's speech came out (they were highly amusing) but terst cme out pretty well. (The rest came...) Work is going well. I like my new position. Microsoft is giving me a headache, as usual, but otherwise it's a good place to be. And my schedule is far better. Jon likes that bit. :)

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