apr 2
laughing matter

April 1 has come & gone this year. I didn't write yesterday partly on purpose (wo believes anything on april 1 anymore) and mostly because I just didn't get the chance to write. Though theoretically I could have written sometime in SimpleText or something and then cut &pasted it in... it's easier todothings that way anyway so I don't have to wait for the HTML editor to catch up to me.

It's not doing so bad when I haven't opened up anything else yet. :)

Anyway, things were uneventufl for the most part yesterday. Illiad played a joke on all of his fans which had two weeks of buildup and three other major sites in on it, so a lot of people fell for it. Personally I think it was just cruel, but that's me.

Then again, I am the one who still has my main site down... *grin*

{ Where's the frames? }