apr 5
new stuff :)


We got a new computer.

Me happy. :)

We got a beige desktop G3, 266 mhz... not quite as good as the one I want *drool* but it's still much faster than the 6100 was. For one thing, it can keep up with my typing... *grin*... even with the source displaying. :) so I'm a happy girl now. :)

I am finding a couple of things I don't like about Dreamweaver though... for one, when I'm doing a subdirectory of a site and I link back to part of the site that I'm NOT using dreamweaver for, it decides to link to the local file... I wish therew was a way around that. A "Never link to local files" option or something... I had to hard-code the site address for the ../ and ./ links (it wouldn't be happy with the root of the current folder, either) which is something I really don't like doing. The good news is when I want to update it I'll be able to because of the template but still, I don't like how it does it.

But for the most part it's a good program and runs much better on the new computer than it did on the old one. :)

We also have Bryce and Photoshop now. :)

I'll have to install bryce stil but I've been missing my digital art so I should be happy when I get it going. :)

{ Where's the frames? }