apr 22
get a grip


time to rant about some customers.

I got a call at work yesterday from a guy who was transferred to my department because he was having some permissions problems in his FTP space. Which is all fine and dandy, because that's what my department is there for. Except for one thing: we did not host his domain name.

as of yet unaware, I ask him what his domain name is, and then try to FTP to it. (I have long since learned that 90% of the time when the customer says there's a problem, either they just think there is one or they are entirely unable to tell you correctly what it is.) The hostname of the machine that I end up at is not one of our computers. "That's odd," I think, and do the next logical action: look the domain up through InterNIC to see whether we own the domain.

We don't.

So I ask the customer, "Did you set this up yourself?" and he says, "yes; you guys are just so expensive for domain hosting." (Never mind that our rates are lower than most ISPs.) So I tell him, basically, that I can't help him because his domain is not on our system. It takes me 10 minutes to do this. "So who do I need to talk to then?" he asks. "You either need to call corporate sales and se the domain up through us or contact the service that owns the domain," I reply (hoping that he'll pick up on the idea that our company isn't the one he needs to talk to and that this is like calling AOL because you're having trouble dialing into our phone number). I explain to him a few more times that since he didn't set the domain up through us, I was powerless to fix anything and in order for me to be able to fix anything the domain has to be on our system and in that case he needs to go through corporate sales to set it up.

Finally has asks to be transferred. "Okay," I said, "I'll transfer you." And I prepare to do so when he says, "I think you've been very rude."

I've been rude? All I did was explain the simple situation that I cannot (not WILL not, mind you; that might have been rude) fix his site because it isn't on the system that I have access to, being ours.

So I transfer him to sales (who then will tell him that in order for us to host his domain he will need to purchase a corporate account) and write in his notes that he called about FTP permissions and his page isn't on our system and that he called me rude.

Honestly, he's lucky I didn't hang up on him. We're allowed to do that if they start swearing or insulting us.

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