may 3
damn knee

We went to Reno this last weekend. We had a blas. :) jon got off work early friday, we went up and had dinner with his mom, then continued on to Reno. Checked into the hotel, then proceeded to plunk spare change into nickel slots and talk about just how thrilling that sort of thing isn't. *grin*

Slept late the next day, played more nickel slots, had free drinks, waited for the line to die down for the buffet. For the record, when I have three rum & colas in rapid succession I tend to get fairly buzzed. *grin* Then we ate. A lot. Well, not THAT much and I didn't feel full afterwards but I wasn't hungry again until almost a day later. And then we took a nap and slept the food off.

We started to go find a theater to see The Matrix (no we hadn't done that yet) but on our way there heard a radio advertisement for a kansas concert that night... at a club we had just passed. We turned the car around, went to the club and had a great time. They put on a killer show... that alone made the whole weekend worth the trip up there.

After that we came back to the hotel and slept until it was time to go home on Sunday. I had a lot of fun and it gave us some much-needed time to ourselves. Only problem is now my damn knee is sore or something. I don't know how that happened.

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