may 21
everything changes

I've had an interesting few days.

I got a job at Apple so I quit my job at JPS. On June second I quit at JPS and on June 7th I start at apple. It pays a lot more, and I don't ahve to deal with all the stupidity that's been going on at JPS lately. We've been slowly losing our access, starting with unix root/telnet and soon we won't have access on NT either. At that point we'll be glorified techs. The whole department is being demoted. That just doesn't sit well with me. Mass demotions aren't my thing. And they're entirely unfair to everyone involved.

That combined with the fact that I'd make more at that job if I quit and re-applied cause me to look for employment elsewhere. And I found it.

In other news, I have my home system up & running. 384k bi-derectional DSL running into the house, and I have a Sparc LX with Solaris 2.6 on it running a web/mail server... I've already started using it for primary email and I'm gradually moving my scripts over so I can have a fully functional page. This is a Good Thing(TM). It means I can be free from JPS totally and eventually free from CalWeb as well. The page has been there for three years, and I'm finally moving it.... Feels strange.

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