7 july
vision vision

I'm doing something a little different today. I'm writing the entry in AppleWorks and then I'll put it on the page. I've done it before (with SimpleText last time) for whatever reason... I'm doing it right now because my home network is disconnected from the Internet due to a router with delusions of amputation.


I've been having a good time with life. I started working at Apple a month ago. I'm getting more sleep due to a combination of being out of the room with the computers and being on the same schedule as Jon. I feel healthier and happier. I'm doing well. I need to slow my calls down a bit and be a little more thorough with them, but I think I can manage that. Iíve only taken two calls so far today, but thatís all there have been, so thatís fine.

My big irritation at the moment is the router. As a result my main site hasnít been up since Saturday night. It will probably be fixed tomorrow morning. I guess that would be the downside to trying to be your own ISP. :) For the most part itís been great.

I went to the optometrist on Friday and came away with a prescription for reading glasses. My visionís actually pretty good, but when it comes to trying to read something, my eyes arenít quite focused right so theyíve been tired at the end of the day. She said my distance vision is excellent, actually... Iím just a touch far-sighted. So I have to email my mom now (good thing Iím writing this or I would have forgotten to do that) and ask her what my optical coverage is like. Worst case senario I have to buy my own glasses. No biggie.

Bleh, her mail server is harfing on her email address. *sigh*

And I canít seem to access any of my template files. :/

Iíll worry about all that later.

Anyway, thereís a couple of chicks Iím interested in now... thereís the one Iíve been sending long-ass emails back & forth with and the other which Iíve mostly been talking to in IRC. The IRC chick is more my usual type I think... geek grrl through and through. The other one is cool but not as much the geek... Sheís a law student, actually, if I remember correctly. I seem to tend to have problems with non-geek people... and of course I donít hear from her as often since sheís not online as often, but the emails are far longer.

Thereís something to be said about people with web journals though... makes it real easy to get to know things about them. :)

Another thing going on in my life right now... Friend of mine along with a couple of other people are starting this ďLove CrimesĒ thing... calling it HUMAN (Humans United to Move for Acceptance Now). Basically itís a pro-acceptance thing... pro-unity... celebrate diversity... that sort of thing. Itís pretty cool. Three synagogues were fire-bombed in my area not too long ago and these hate crimes are just getting out of control... itís almost the year 2000 and people are so fucking intolerant that it pisses me off. So weíre going to try getting together and just INCLUDING people... because above all weíre all human.

Iíll probably end up doing the web site for that. /me somehow got herself known as the ďdesignated web designerĒ... *shrug* Itís a good cause though. :)

Anyway, work is sucking today (I hate tech support but this is better than JPS at any rate), so Iím going to go. And maybe Iíll even get this online sometime soon. :)

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