14 july
play that funky music

For those who didn't notice, I did some redesigning. I knew when I started the journal here that one day I would need an archive page, and I finally got around to making one a year and a half later. I also put the "cast of characters" on their own page and made a few changes to the intro.

You know, I'm thinking I want to make the fonts bigger. Just for the entries themselves... yeah, I think I'll do that. Anything that I've posted since writing this journal in dreamweaver will hereby be easier to read.

I feel better now. :)

Wow... I can actually read what I'm typing... what a concept.

You PC users don't understand this, I don't think... on the Mac, a size 2 arial font is way too small. I have no idea why this is, because the size 3 arial font is the same as it is on the PC, but the size 2 is just a hair larger than 1. It's way too big a difference for my taste. So i've been starting to make things size 3 instead... or rather, no size at all. Deal with it.

Life has been mostly uneventful. I don't think anything's changed in the past week. Still haven't got my glasses yet; if I remember, I'll get them on Saturday. Starting on Depo Provera on the 22nd. I still hate tech support. GeoCities sucks. Jon wants to learn frames. I think that's about it.


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