22 july
one of those days

I'm having one of those weeks. You know, when not a whole hell of a lot goes right? Well, actuallly, it just started yesterday, but we're not going to get into semantics. At any rate, the past two days have not gone well.

Yesterday I woke up with a headache. I wanted to call in sick. Jon complainted that if I called in everytime I got a headache I'd never go to work, since I get them so often. Well, yes I get them all the time, but almost never in the morning. Usually I get them at the end of the day, which is fortiunate, since painkillers don't work on me and the only way to get rid of them usually is sleep.

I went to work, my first several calls sucked, and the day went on. I had bad lasagne for lunch and haven't had an appetite since. I came home. Look, three of the computers were being crackwhores. One of them was fixed easily. The other two were not. They needed major work.

Computer #1: I reinstalled everything. Files were already backed up, this was one we'd only had going for less than a week, so no big worries. I hadn't even finished configuring everything in the first place. But no matter what I do to it, I can't get LILO to boot it. I can boot from the install floppy, and run through the installation, no problem. but I can't get LILO to work. At all. I tried puttingit in the MBR, the first partition, on a floppy disk. No matter what, it got as far as LI and then hung.

We finally just said fuck it, we'll figure it out later, and reloaded the OS AGAIN and prayed that it didn't have to reboot.

Computer #2: It was just hosed. It wouldn't load X. It wouldn't respond to pop connections initially and eventually wouldn't respond to any connections at all. I backed up my files, and we proceeded to format the drive and install a newer version of the OS. It needed a reinstall anyway; we just hadn't done it yet.

All that accomplished, I realized I'd forgotten to back up a couple of friends' web sites running off it. Oops. Sorry Andy and Brandon. Hope you two had backups.

Also forgot to save andy's email.


We're still working on getting that one at least slightly functional. We took a break because we had to go to bed.

Woke up this morning, I had a doctor's appointment for the depo. Or so I thought. I got down to the hospital only to find that it was on the 20th. I could have SWORN I saw the 22nd on the card they sent, and even double- and triple-checked. Fortunately I took the whole day off and they had an opening this afternoon. So I'm going back later. I got home and saw that yes, it was indeed the 20th.

No wonder I think I need glasses.

Speaking of glasses, I'd planned on getting those today too, except when I was leaving for the hospital I realized that Jon hadn't left the cash for me that I'm supposed to use to cover the check I wrote for his insurance, and not enough in my account otherwise to cover the glasses. That, and my checkbook is still in his car.

Sorry, Jon, we're going to have to get to the hospital on Saturday or something so I can finally get those damn things.


I got back home and started messing with computer #2 to see if I could get it working. Figured out why it wouldn't connect to the network. Rebooted. Came in here to write. I'm about to go back to it.

Bleh. Still not working. I don't want to deal with it right now.

And in other news. I'm thinking of moving this journal back onto my main site. I say "back" though this particul;ar incarnation was never there to begin with. The first incarnation was. Most of you reading know who I am anyway, so one of the two reasons I had for moving it in the first place is rather moot.

The reason why I initially moved it off my web site was because my mom asked me to. I think she didn't like seeing that her innocent little daughter was having those thoughts at that age. Initally the whole thing was my paper journal, which I typed up and then put on the site. Well, when she asked me to move it, I did. But then I realized that I was suffering the same fate as most online journalists suffer: I'm censoring myself because I know people are reading. It's not really my journal anymore. So I started another one somewhere else entirely and didn't tell anyone about it. That's what you're reading.

Except wjem I started seeing JOn and he found out I had this thing, he was offended that I wouldn't let him read it. I don't know if it would have been any different if I'd kept a paper journal instead of this one. All I know is that he was pissed that I hid it from him. Well, the intent was to have a place for me to vent where people I knew wouldn't see it.

Well, guess what. I'm censoring myself again. Too many people know about it now. I suppose I could move it again, but that wouldn't really accomplish anything. It's stupid to put personal information like that up on the web anyway. If it's really secret, I need to keep it to myself. So I odn't know. I might start a paper journal in addition to this one, though I know I'd never write in it. Maybe I'll just leave simpleText files scattered everywhere or something. Idon't know. And I might as well move this thing back to my main site. I see no reason to keep it here.

We'll see. I have to get my main site up & running again anyway.

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