10 aug
coming home

So titled because I'm bringing my journal back to my main site.

Honestly, I'm supposed to be working on Sex In Public right now, but it's only 11am and I'm not feeling up to massive boring template changes when I'm not even sure I'd be able to get the finished product to work. We somehow managed to not install C on that computer so I can't do everything that I want to with it just yet. But I suppose I should at least look for the scripts I need so it can get started.

So, in the process of everything, I've reworked the journal intro page a bit, and renamed a few files, and uploaded the whole mess to my main site, and shortly thereafter I'm going to be changing my listbot configurations to match and seeing about deleting the Tripod site (which is a headache and a half in itself). More likely I'll just redirect it here and be done with it.

So, who wants to venture a guess how many more hits I'll get in a month now that I've moved the journal to my main site?


Enter mass confusion in my head. I've been going through of those "I don't know what the hell I'm doing with myself" phases that I'm oh so familiar with now. I've got at least part of it down to the fact that I royally suck at making friends and I need to work on approaching people. I can do it online just fine.. I just can't bring the same skills into real life. i suppose it would help if I actually went anywhere... heh. I'm just too anti-social for my own good.

Sometimes I just feel like sl00ting myself out to whatever woman wants me, but you know, that's just not me. I only corrupt the willing.

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