24 aug
it's the end of my files as i know it

Something Weird happened. I don't know how. But jon put a new hard drive in the computer and then rebuilt the desktop on the old one and then poof! all the desktop stuff was gone. And of course that's where all my files were. So I've lost all my original photoshop files for the stuff that was on my web sites. For the most part it's no great loss (and the web pages are backed up easily enough and are on a zip disk now), but there's a few things that have sucked to be gone. I've recrated a grand total of one of them so far, and it's not as good as it would have been if I hadn't lost the original. I know there's a lot I'm missing that I haven't discovered yet. And Sex In public is up for a redesign anyway so it's no biggie that I lost those files.

Otherwise things are going pretty well. Jon inherited a laptop so I'm not stuck on a slow-ass computer when I haven't kicked him off the G3 to use Photoshop or dreamweaver. I like the powerbook. :) It's nice.

I'm hungry. Maybe I should go forage or something.


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