sep 5
yeah, whatever

Feeling kind of sick at the moment. The ice cream I had seems to not like my stomach (or the other way around) and still hasn't calmed down 3 hours after Jon's mom dropped us off. My headache is coming back. And I'm either too hot or too cold at all times so I'm either sweating or shivering.

We went to Jon's sister's place for one of her kids' birthdays. This in itself would not have been a problem. His sister and her husband are amusing people and their four children are generally well behaved. However, their four children were not the only children in the house. They also had Steve's sister (steve is jon's brother-in-law), and his stepsister, and a friend of theirs who used to live in the apartments near them, and they all had their own kids. I lost track of how many kids were in the house. 9 or 10 I think. And put together they were loud. This is why I now have a headache. This is also why I only want one child.

The other problem was the trip there and back in the car. Jon's mom is great and all but when she's driving with us in the car, she's talking to us and not paying as much attention to the road as she should be. We had more than one close call tonight.

So we got back about 3 hours ago and I went in to lie down for a few hours. When I got up, my headache was better but the ice cream wasn't, and now the headache is coming back. I think I'll probably go back to bed when I finish this up. Not sure what to do about the rambunctious ice cream though.

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