17 sep
just because

I don't really feel like writing right now but I'm going to just because I'm mean to myself that way.

I'm feeling tired and crabby right now. So pardon my bite.

I just feel... Bleh.

I wrote a poem the other day. I think it's good but at the time I thought it sucked. Now I can't even read the damn thing without holding back tears. When I wrote it I had no emotion at all.

Who knows.

I should go lie down.

I came onto the computer to add a page to my ever-growing web site, and decided to hang out in DreamWeaver for a while and see if anything interesting came out of my head. So far, no luck.

Oh, I've decided I need a business license. I have 3500 DarkCounter users and I was thinking "what if I offered stats in addition to counters for $5 a month?" I know people like their stats. Stats kick ass and they mean a hell of a lot more than just a number. I mean, it's nice to know people are hitting your page and all but it's even nicer to know who they are and what they're using. You know, "oh shit, a lot of people with netscape hit my page... maybe I should stop making it with front page so all those people can see it correctly."

Like that will ever happen.

But the stats thing might... and I'm thinking, even if only 100 of them opt for stats, that's $500 a month. And that's not a lot of my users.

I'm talking this could get big. And with $500 extra a month I could get the thing it's own machine and host it somewhere with bandwidth. And not have to depend on all my CalWeb space anymore. And I can downgrade my account for a while and keep some redirects up and have my email address still, and that would cost me a lot less than it is now. And with it on its own server the fragment will be easier to use... my user base can increase even more and I can have even more income.

This is like, big or something.

So, I need a business license so this whole thing is legal.

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