22 sep
deal with it


Just wanted to share. :)

I'm in a web creation mood tonight. I made banners for a few sites (maybe I should do one for here... I probably won't), and made some error pages for my OPEN site. I thought about doing flash ones but decided that would be too obnoxious. The 404 error for Jon's site is flash and people get pissed because not only did they not get the page they wanted, they have to load a plugin to find out. The 401 error for my site is also flash but no one hardly ever sees that one. I've got a few password protected pages but they aren't very popular, and since I just made a separate one for the OPEN site, it's not even used as often as it was before.

I'm trying to think of other changes I can make. Or additions. I did a banner for my perl site but decided I didn't like it. I did one for Sex In Public. I thought about making an index of all the sites and subsites I run. Haven't decided whether to go through with it. Don't even know if I could remember all the pages I run. :) I'm considering a banner for the OPEN site, in case non-listmembers want to link to it. I'm considering a webring for all the sites hosted on lunamorena.net and its subdomains.

That is how bored I am. :)

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