29 sep
home sick

Today and yesterday I've been home sick. Yesterday I woke up with the mother of all sore throats (it was so bad I thought it was strep until I relized I didn't have a fever), and then by around 2pm I had some soup and the sore throat went away and it turned into a head cold.


Head cold is still a head cold so I'm sitting at home trying to find things for me to do that don't require too much energy. I hate having a head cold; I feel so drained when I do. I had some juice this morning which has a super-high concentration of vitamin C, and I'm going to try to have even more juice with vitamin C later on. I'd probably consider myself well enough to work today except I just know that if I did I'd just end up miserable tomorrow too. So I stayed home in the hope that by tomorrow I'll be feeling okay and won't be completely miserable. And maybe I can get some sleep in the meantime.

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