24 oct
bra sizes

Take a look at Breasts of Doom to see why I'm writing this.

My first bra was a 36AA. I think I was 11 or 12 but I don't remember for sure. It didn't take me long to grow out of it, either. Just kinda happened. I got up to a 36B and then stayed there for a while. Then I started growing again (I was 17 or so at that point), and haven't stopped. I'm now at a monsterous 40DD.

That just sounds big.

And believe me, it's no picnic. Large breasts are not funny. They're large and heavy and they make my back hurt and make buying clothes difficult. Bras are hard to find that don't gross me out just by looking at them.

I've found some that I like though... they're almost like sports bras but they're not, and they have underwires (I start sagging otherwise). And they manage to make me look like I just have a moderately large chest instead of a really big one. If I want to go for that look I can put myself in a bodice or something.


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