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name game

Okay, how hard is it to get my name right?

Yes, I understand that it's a bit unusual. However, I was name for a mountain range that's a mere 2-hour drive from here. So I would at least expect someone local to guess that it's spelled similarly, or at the very very minimum, know what I'm talking about when I say "just like the mountains."

However, some people just aren't that bright.

Okay, my niece is allowed to spell my name wrong. When I was living with my sister, I think my niece gave me 3-4 things with my name written on it and each time it was spelled differently. Sometimes "Aunt Sierra" was one word, sometimes it was two. But she's 8. I can forgive that. And that was a year ago, so she was even younger.

Now, the person in the coffee shop has no excuse.

I just can't seem to fathom how a name pronounced like "see-air-ah" can end up spelled "seira".

She got all the letters right, except missed the double and got them in the wrong order. The way she spelled it, you would think that my niece was getting it right when she called me "aunt see-rah" when she was first learning to talk. I could forgive some misspellings, like Ciera (the Italian spelling and also the name of a car) or Seara or maybe a few others, but "Seira" just doesn't look like it could be my name.

And around here, two hours from the mountain range with the same name, I don't expect people to get it wrong at all.

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