11 nov
dreams revisited

Well I now know where the dream I mentioned in the feb 8 entry came from, thanks to my little sister. Apparantly that sort of bribing really happened. I don't remember it that well, just pieces. She remembers more. Kind of odd when you think about it, since she's the younger one.

Anyway. Life goes on.

I went and got an AOL account. Jon wanted it. It's only $10/month after our 250 free hours are up. So now we have something to fight over again since we have enough decent computers for both of us. :) I'm finding more interesting people there than I would have expected, so that's cool.

And I restarted my Ask Darkmoon page. I had it going for about six months at one point before I decided it was too busy and I was having trouble keeping up with it. It's been down over a year but I still occasionally get hits to it. Now it's back. We'll see where it goes in its new form.

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