11 dec

Two things are happening. They both suck.

First, I have to be out of my house by the first of January. This would have been okay if I had initially been told that we have to be out by the first, except she initially told us the end of January and then when she gave the official notice it was for the first. So I have to find a place by January and move. This is further complicated by, of course, Christmas, and further still by the fact that I was just hired permanantly at Apple (normally a good thing, but...) and have $150 left of my paycheck from Thursday after paying bills to last me until the 23rd when I get my first check from Apple. I will get one more check from the temp agency next week but it will be for the grand total of a day's work.

The good news is that I was hired by Apple, and in the future, my financial situation is much improved, as well as benefits and retirement plans and all that good stuff, and my mom offered to loan me $150 for Christmas presents, payable in February.

The second thing that is happening that sucks is that Jon and I broke up. He decided he wasn't happy with me anymore and wanted to live on his own and date other people, and eventually decided that he didn't want to date me at all. Maybe eventually we'll get together again but that will be a very long time from now. So I'm going to sit back and try to enjoy being single. This will be good for me. I've got a roommate for when we move. She's cute though we'd be friends anyway. I'm talking to a few women online in the area and some of them want to meet me. I'm going to lay off the men for a while and concentrate on women. That should at least keep me out of trouble a little bit since it's usually the men I end up falling into a relationship with... not to say it won't happen with women but it does take me longer to get up the courage to talk to them.

Anyway, I've got mixed feelings about the breakup thing. I know it's for the best, and we still love each other, just have too many personality clashes to be in a relationship anymore. We're still friends. But I do miss him, and my life will be very different now.

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