17 february
think thought

Work is finally calming down a bit. Yesterday was actually pleasant. I think today would have been too except for one particular irate customer I had combined with the supervisor finally saying something about my performance as far as phone stats go. Basically, I spend too much time between calls. The customers are happy with me, but I take too many bathroom breaks, let my breaks and lunches run long, and spend too long before taking the next call.

Well, I'm burnt out. I need a couple of minutes between calls to collect myself.

I think I did pretty well yesterday though. They finally put me in a queue I like and if they would just keep from bouncing me around quite so much I'd be even happier. I'm going to be coaching again next week and actually don't have to come in on my day off this time around so that will be nice too. I applied for a few other positions so maybe I'll get one of those and get out of frontline.

I haven't been getting nearly enough sleep lately but the alternative has been too good to give up so it was my own damn fault. :) Oddly enough, I actually went to bed in time to get a full 8 hours' sleep last night and today I've been more tired than I had been all week.

So today is my Friday and for once my week seems to have passed quickly instead of slowly and I have a good day ahead of me tomorrow. I'm going to have my mom's cat on a trial basis to see how well she gets along with Mary's dog. Tyson is coming over. I'd say I'll have a full house but I have the feeling that Mary won't be there for most of it since she isn't home much except to sleep.

I'm in a happy place.

It's a very nice feeling to be with someone who fills me with such a sense of happiness and understanding. I feel so extremely safe. I constantly want to be close to him. The time we are together is filled with nothing but bliss. It's a new relationship and I'm sure that's contributing, but that's not it entirely... most of what we are feeling is genuine ecstasy. We are communicating and understanding on so many levels it is thoroughly amazing us both.

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