20 february
apple a day

I'm writing because I'm bored.

What fun. :)

I had a good weekend... did a lot of sleeping and teasing and snuggling and then topped it off with some Red Dwarf. As predicted, Tyson loves the show. :) I guess it's like the final test or something... thou shalt like Red Dwarf. :) That show is just so funny.

Not much else to say. I started coaching again today; got in and the guy I'm coaching didn't have a computer. We had to grab an iMac from another area and use that. It, of course, was set up so that we couldn't just use OS 9... I had to find an iMac CD, install 8.6, update the firmware, format the drive, then install OS 9 to get it usable. Can't update the firmware from the OS 9 CD, and it only has 32mb of RAM so I couldn't even load a network volume to install 8.6 when it was booted to the OS 9 CD. eventually got the guy situated though.

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