31 march
lemme get to the point; let's roll another joint

Okay so it's not completely random; I'm listening to Tom Petty.


The iMac has been a little bitch today. Maybe it doesn't like the fact that I put the beta release of AOL 5 on it. Maybe the MP3 player/converter just isn't working right. I don't know. But I've updated the HD drivers and I reinstalled the core system files, so we'll see what happens. So far it's behaved since then, but then I haven't tried making MP3s with it yet.

I did disable speech recognition completely on it though. I noticed that RC5 wasn't running nearly as fast if the computer was listening for me to talk to it... I had less than half the output. It's not all that useful anyway so I disabled it. So, Violet go bye-bye. I'm thinking of renaming the computer (in file sharing, the HD, and my DNS entry for it) to violet instead of Teleute, but I would want a custom icon for the HD because I'm stubborn that way, and I just haven't found one I like yet. So for now it's still teleute.

In other lands, life is going well. I got moved back to a Mon-Fri schedule as of this weekend (never mind that I requested Sun-Thu) so I get three days off in a row and then I'm back to the same days off as Tyson, which is a Good ThingTM. We went to an SCA event last weekend... I was kinda bored. It was too close to civilization for my tastes... if I'm going to have to put up with sleeping on the ground it damn well be someplace isolated with lots of pine trees and dry air up in the mountains and this just wasn't. They told me "oh just wait until saturday night, you'll love the parties" and I didn't. I'm much more a small group person for one thing, and I would prefer it if the small group is made up of good friends. When I'm surrounded by people that I know very little (at best), I tend to get quite bored.

It's not the activity that matters to me, it's the company.

This weekend is going to be a little different though. Tyson got his car finally and I've got my mom's, so we're both mobile for once. This will be quite helpful. :) In addition, I have my mom's cat while she's off on the other side of the world... normally not a problem but the poor thing had some cysts removed (fortunately the vet called today and they were completely beneign so she's a clean kitty now) so I'm left dealing with keeping the cat from removing her stitches. She had them all out by her second night here so I had to take her to a 24-hour clinic at 10pm to have it re-stitched. Fortunately they put her in a sweater and gave her a collar so she can't get at them any more. Fortunately it happened before mom left so I wasn't stuck with a $154 charge that I couldn't really afford.

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