7 april
dog porn

Just in case there was any question, allow me to clairfy:

I am a sick and twisted individual.

I doubt this bothers most of you. :) In this particular instance, I have a reason for making that statement.

I've been playing with iMovie, a cute little video editing program that came with my iMac. Unfortunately I can't edit things that are already in data format or I'd play with it even more (it only takes input from digital video cameras), but it does come with a tutorial that I can play with. The tutorial is a cute little home movie of a couple of kids giving a dog a bath. There are full instructions for how to put it together, compelte with a soundtrack that you add at the end.

I decided to use my own soundtrack.

I made a couple of other changes too but you can't really tell, especially in the quicktime movie I exported when I was done. However I think I made a good choice in music... it's a little porn funk piece by dogboy. And it fits the movie rather well. :)

Take a look here if you want to see the fruits of my labor... or amusement... or whatever.

For the record, my roommate thinks I'm nuts. :)

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