13 april
i feel free

. . . to do what I want . . . any old time

Free things rawk. :)

I bought some MP3s from a place called eMusic a little while ago... it was the only place I could get the latest They Might Be Giants album, available only on MP3. Apparantly they were having some free headphones deal that I blatantly ignored. Then I started getting these emails from them that said my headphones had been shipped and another one that said my speakers had been shipped. i ignored them. Then I got the UPS undeliverable notices. so I called up UPS and asked would you please send them to my other address and they did and I got them today from my mailbox and now I have free speakers and headphones.

Now don't get me wrong; the iMac has some nice speakers. But it's lacking a subwoofer so while it sounds good for what they are, the sound really isn't very full. If I could afford it I would have bought an iSub by now. (Yes, I'm aware it looks like a lightbulb.) But I don't have it so i don't have one. Maybe soon. In the meantime I have these nice free speakers that do in fact have a subwoofer and once again I was thoroughly amazed by how much I had been missing without decent bass. You would think I would remember something like that... I mean, I am a bass player after all. But I, like most people, had failed to remember that you never notice the bass until it's missing... or you never notice it missing until suddenly it's there.

Free things kick ass. :)

Speaking of the bass, I wonder if I could use those headphones with it... hmmm.....

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