10 may
you never suspect

...what some people are capable of.

I ten-year-old girl went missing about a week ago locally here. She came back a couple of days later, bruised and bloody, and claimed the devil had taken her. She emerged from the garage, which no one saw her enter, and it had been thoroughly searched.

She was in the hospital for the injuries and then on the 8th there was a report that CPS had taken her away from the parents for suspected child abuse. It seems that banishing her to the garage was actually a method of punishment, at least once.

You can read the story here.

no, these people aren't family or anything. Why am I posting this here?

Because I knew the mom. She was a supervisor where I worked for a while.

you never suspect, do you?

Some TV news coverage in RealPlayer format (shamelessly snagged from Channel 10 because they have no index and searching the site sucks):

May 4 · May 8 · May 9 · May 10

And while we're on the subject of strange things happening that you never suspect, I found out that someone I knew from another job is dead now. He was 26. He died in a car accident. He wasn't driving, but the driver of the car he was in blew through a flashing red light.

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