16 may
lost my head

Life really throws you shit sometimes.

Just thought I'd share.

So Tyson takes a week off of work. Great, I can see him more this week, right? Of course not. That would be too good. No, instead he has to sleep until late as hell on Saturday and then do the gaming thing and so I don't see him until 5am Sunday and then he has to go home that night and instead of coming back right away like I'd prefer, he decides he's going to get bills done on Monday and come Monday night. Except that doesn't happen because he needs to have a talk with his roommates Monday night so he's going to come over tonight. Well that was a nice theory except his car was broken into and he didn't even get to sleep until 4, and now he can't drive his car just yet, so he's not coming over tonight.

Tomorrow, right?

I hope.

And I'm back to not sleeping well. I guess my body decided it was time to build a tolerance to the herbs I'd been taking that had been working so well up until Thursday when they suddenly decided not to work at all. I'm starting to think that there isn't anything I've ever taken before that I haven't built a tolerance to. Makes headaches a bitch to deal with, among other things.

Oh and I'm rearranging things tonight so don't panic if some links are broken. Do me a favor and let me know if it's, say, the 18th and things are still broken though.

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