21 may
twist and shout

Yes, lately I've been basing a lot of the titles on whatever I'm listening to at the time. At the moment I'm watching Backbeat and they're doing Twist and Shout. Well, I can't always be expected to think of something original... especially after two and a half years of journal entries.

I'm actually writing right now because I was doing a few other updates in other pages (added a couple of coming out stories, updated Ask Darkmoon) and I figured I may as well write an entry while I had Dreamweaver open. Not quite sure what I'm going to say yet. :)

Lessee... my hair is blonde now. We finally managed to get all the black dye out of it, and about the only way to do that was to bleach it blonde. It's a lot healthier than I expected it to end up, but a lot drier than I'm used to. I'm slowly moisturizing it back to something that isn't static city. I'm trying to think of what to do with it next... it's going to have to be something, because I just don't look right as a blonde. One thing I thought of was mixing some blacklight-responsive pigment in with some blonde dye just to see what happens but I don't know how well that will work. A more likely candidate is using the "After Midnight" color that I got when I got the bleach. It's a dark bluish purple. I was thinking long-term I would probably dye it a slightly unnatural reddish color that would also work on my natural color. We'll see. I may have to bleach it again after the blue's worn out.

I've noticed that Dreamweaver doesn't like being left open for long periods of time. Before it's crashed a few times when I left it running in the background and went on to other things, but tonight it actually hung up while I was typing this entry... I'd had it open for maybe 2 hours. Maybe there's a memory leak, and it's just staying within its allocation but when it gets too high it doesn't know what to do with itself. Whatever it is, I hope it's fixed in the next update.

Something that had been eating me about my relationship with Tyson finally found a name tonight, and now that we've identified the problem we should be able to work on it. I think I first felt it after we had been dating a month or so and it had been snowballing ever since, and finally grew big enough to severly impact us this weekend. I told Tyson about it, we found at least part of the issue, and already I'm feeling some improvements, and the black cloud is gone, or at least severely diminished. We had kind of an emotional tug-of-war going on, and it was wearing on us. I hate to think what may have happened if my natural reaction to that sort of situation is different... but fortunately it isn't. This may be the first time in my life that particular reaction hasn't backfired on me. :) Anyway, I think things will be happy again. This is good.

I'm working on redesigning several portions of my web site. There are parts that look great, and other parts that look okay but aren't quite up to par with my abilities. I think this journal site is actually one of those but right now I can't think of an alternate design, so you all are stuck with this one for now. :) The most recent one I redid is the Ring of the Night page. I didn't change the overall theme but I did change the layout drastically, and I think it's a lot cleaner and easier to follow now. That page hadn't had any major changes since I first made it in 1996... it was definately time for an overhaul. :) The same goes for the Out and Proud! and Californians' WebRing, but I haven't thought of what to do instead with those yet. I did the BiFems ring a while back, when its address was published in a book. I have so many different sections now it's hard for me to tell which ones people even go to anymore. :) The pride page probably could use a major overhaul but again, I can't quite think of what comes next. At least that one's a little different from its original form... but not much. Mostly just bigger.

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