27 may


Well that sucked. I had an entry nice and almost finished and I went to look something up and Presto! Dreamweaver picked that moment to freeze up on me. Maybe it's time to start using php3 for my templates and just quit using Dreamweaver for the journal.


I had a good time last night. I took Jon and Heather out to dinner and then we all went to Fry's and I spent about $20 more than I'd meant to, but that's okay because i got some useful stuff. My proudest aquisition is the paper made to print out business cards... I made some in AppleWorks and they look really cool. I mean they're nothing special or anything but considering that they were doen on an inkjet printer they look pretty cool.

After fry's we came back to my place so Jon could take some pictures of me. I'd realized about a week and a half ago that I don't have any good recent pictures of me... there's the ones that we took with the quicktake about 5-6 months ago but in most of those i'm either drunk or sticking my tongue out or both. We took about 30 pictures last night with Jon's digital camera and of those, about 20 were me, and of those there were 7 that I liked enough to put on my photo album. I also put up a picture of my computer setup and one of my sister and me at her college graduation last weekend. In the one of my sister and me you get a good look of my hair when it was blonde (that was short-lived), though personally I think it looks a lot better in that picture than it ever did in person. The ones that were taken last night show me with blue hair, but in this case I think the reverse is true: it looks a lot better in person than it did in the pictures. In fact for most of them you can't really tell that I have blue hair at all; it actually looks like my natural color except for a couple (like this one).

Of those pictures, my favorites are here and here. You can see the whole collection here.


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