9 august
damn phone



That's twice today that the phone's rang once and then gave a dial tone. *sigh*


I took a day off. The stress was causing physical problems. I s hould have noticed the signs sooner but I just figured them out. So I took a sick day to let my body calm down and have some tiem to myself when I'm not busy worrying about why I'm not doing something else. I had things to do anyway and I got them done. Well, most of them. I still need to do laundry. Ihate doing laundry. But I picked up my packages and took the DVDs back and got a permanent parking permit for my car and that was all in the span of about an hour. But if I hadn't taken the day off I wouldn't have got it all done so it's all good. And I feel better. mostly.

Of course I have something completely different on my mind now... mainly why I haven't heard from tyson sine he got to work, but I should be used to that one by now since he's probably just busy. It happens. He IS at work. Or email could be down. Lots of possibilities.

And of course there's the task of figuring out why the hell I'm stressed. Probably just everything. I doubt I'll find the answer... I just need to work on relaxing and getting around the stress.


{ Where's the frames? }