24 aug
pixie dust


The insomnia had a pretty strong hold on me for a little while there and I was afraid I'd have to struggle to be free from it again, but it's gone back into hiding now so I think I'm safe. For now.

Life isn't helping any. All my relatives managed to have birthdays in August so what little spare money I had went to buying presents for everyone. Fortunately payday is on the first, so I can juggle things a bit and pay some of rent out of that check. Can't pay all of it out of the next check; that wouldn't leave me with enough to pay the rest of my bills. but I can do some.

You know, for what I'm paying for rent, I could probably get a 1br place and wouldn't have to share it with 2 dogs and a bunch of rats. Maybe early next year I'll look into moving. I may get another raise in December anyway. Can't move until then because the lease here doesn't expire until then. Should probably stick around until after February because that's when my year with DSL service is up. Not that I'm thinking of cancelling or anything, but I had to have a year contract to get the deal I did.

And as usual, I don't feel like I'm seeing Tyson enough. Unfortunately we're having 2 weekends in a row where we don't get to see much of each other. Last weekend I expected my family to have the first of the birthday things on Saturday, and he had something Saturday night, and so he made plans for Sunday too because the weekend was shot anyway. Then of course the plans had to be moved to this weekend, so I saw him Friday and most of Saturday but not for the rest of the weekend. And this weekend, since I have one family birthday thing on each day, all I get to see him is from when he gets home from work Friday night until Saturday morning when I have to leave for my sister's. Not enough time at all.

We're devoting next weekend to each other and we're not going to let anything interrupt that.


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