5 september
drop the bomb


Good news and bad news. Good news is the main web server got a new processor. Actually it's an old processor but it was someone else's but it was faster than the one I had before and he didn't need it anymore so he gave it to me. So now it's a 366 instead of a 300. Okay that's not MUCH faster, but it's the most the motherboard will support.

The bad news is that my mom's computer died. And she's in montana. She will not be pleased. Neither am I, since that's what I was running all my mailing lists off of. I didn't have a backup of the lists. Most of them I don't care about though I'm sure the ones she was running got a lot of use. Normally I'd just put the HD in another computer and have a go at the data but in this case it's the HD that caused the problem, and if I did that my computer wouldn't work anymore either. It's a vindictive little bugger.

There's a collab for this month that I'd like to participate in but I don't want to mix it all up with the computer crap, so I'm going to wait.

Eh, what t he hell.

Okay, September collab topic: How do you feel about showing off your breasts, e.g., flashing, very low-cut shirts, etc.? Is it trashy, a part of life, or something you do only when you're drunk? (fx: cue audio: You're Pretty When I'm Drunk by The Bloodhound Gang).

This is kind of an interesting topic for me because I don't have a straight answer. First off, I don't think it's trashy unless the person baring their breasts are trying to use them at the same time to flirt with the entire male population. Otherwise i don't see any problem with flaunting what you have. Now, me personally? I'm a little shy when it comes to that sort of thing. I have no problems with showing off cleavage. I have plenty. I see no reason not to show it off. It's me, and it looks good. Any more than that, it takes me getting drunk, but there have been more than one occasion that getting drunk has resulted in me topless (though granted it was as much a measure to cool off as it was to be flirtatious).


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