Cast of Characters:

Boyfriend I had from the time I was 16 until I started seeing steve in August/September when I was 18.
Alex / Steve
My ex fiance. We were engaged for a long time, but in the end I realized he wasn't who I wanted.
Guy I knew from a BBS a few years ago and we were decent friends before he moved to Seattle. Lost touch, he moved back in April or so and we were reacquainted when I started my first job after six months of being a sloth. We dated for a while but eventually realized that our personalities clashed too much to live together anymore and things just sort of fell apart after that.
Ken / Keith
I dated him for a few months in my sophmore year, when he was a junior (December '93 - March '94), was in love with (and I think I still am), and then went to college with for the short amount of time that I went to college.
Friend of mine from work; currently she's my roommate in the new place since Jon & I broke up.
Meghan / Nicki
My girlfriend of a few months. Lived about five miles from my old apartment and about 55 miles from the house in Suisun where I lived for a short while.
Tim and Gina
I was in a relationship with them for about five months but eventually things didn't work out.

My new flame. :) I met him a while ago at an old job, didn't talk much for about 6 months after I quit, and then started talking again. A lot. We connected extremely well and now we're happily together.