What's up with that?

Once upon a time I kept my journal up on my main web site. While this didn't bother me, it bothered my family, so at their request, I moved it. And then other members of the family found where I moved it but didn't tell me and then started making assumptions about my life based on what they read in my journal.

So I changed the format and moved it again. And again. And then I started sharing it with people. It got to the point where the only people who knew about this site were the ones I told about it. Which rather defeated the original purpose, especially since I quit treating it like a paper journal at that point.

So now the title is a misnomer (though I don't really care), and I've moved it back home. You don't have all the stuff that caused my family to ask me to move it in the first place... that stuff is still off archived somewhere but no one on the 'net has access to it anymore, unless they had it before. And I've moved the index page I had on the old site here and I still have the "about" page that I wrote for this thing here (because it's really quite a nice bit of work if I do say so myself). Unfortunately some of the links in the older entries will be breaking when I do this move but for the most part the ones you need will work.

Templates are a Good Thing.

So, as you read this, just do me a favor and keep this in mind: my journal is not an accurate description of my life. It is a collection of snapshots, and while you can get a feel for what I'm like, you never quite see the whole picture, and only see what I think to take a snapshot of.

- Sierra Kempster
AKA Darkmoon SilverWing
10 August 1999, 1:55am

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