Now, while I think link pages are generally pointless (because if all everyone had were a bunch of links, you'd never get anywhere), this one has a purpose. It's a way for me to link together all of my pages and all of the pages hosted from my house and a handful of other sites I think it's a Good IdeaTM to visit. So, have fun. If you know of a page you think I should link to here, let me know. You probably won't get it listed (hey, I'm really picky, so deal with it), but it doesn't hurt to try. :)

Pages I've Designed:

Fun & Games

California Beatnik

Coming Out

Friends' Pages:

The Rabbit Warren
LiveJournal Friends

Other Spiffy Places:

Wil Wheaton

Planet OUT
Society for Human Sexuality
The Morpheus Company
The Open Book



Link to My Page:

My Own Banner
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The connection here isn't fast so I don't need the extra
bandwidth taken up by people who are too lazy to
put the banner on their own space. Link it to:

I've also got an old banner from before my last redesign
if you'd rather use that. It's smaller (400x40 instead of 468x60),
w hich is the only reason why it's here rather than me insisting
you use the other one. Same rules as above apply.
old darkmoon banner