Millions, billions alike.
Each have hands, feet, eyes.
Each a mind, each a life.
Twenty-three chromosomes.

We are all identical.
Every one of us exactly the same.
Breathing, sleeping,
Dying, dreaming.

A sea of six billion faces
All the same.
Every one of them.
Every one human.

A single one among them
Alone in six billion,
Different in every way.

Individuality makes us whole.
Self-expression our means of life.
To follow the crowd is to continue dying
While to be your own is to go on living.

Stepping aside from the masses
To go your own way
To do your own thing
To take the path less travelled

Express yourself.
Show the part inside.
Go to the left when the crowd goes right.
Dare to bare your soul.

Scream your innermost thoughts aloud.
Let us know who you ab`.
To do otherwise is to be alone in billions,
And to die before giving yourself a chance to live.